1. About The Urban Bliss Shaman™

    About The Urban Bliss Shaman™

    I’m Julie Woods… and I’m The Urban Bliss Shaman™. I answered a Call from Spirit, along the ley lines of my soul, and landed this exquisite and unexpected role in the legend of my life… I’m a shaman because I bridge worlds, and that’s what shamans do. I’m an urban...

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  2. [HARO] A RADICAL Career Change (2014/01-21)

    [HARO] A RADICAL Career Change (2014/01-21)

    (AKA: Make a Sharp Left At the Sign Marked ‘Shaman’) Summary: Looking for people to talk about the challenges/difficulties of radically changing careers Category: Business and Finance Media Outlet: national newspaper Query: You hear a lot about “reinventing” oneself – was a lawyer, now runs a bakery! – but such...

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